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Raised from birth in the ways of the Darkside of the force, Lord Arioch. Destined for great things at birth, he was stolen into the night and became a powerful force user. After besting a Jedi in unarmed combat, He poured all of his hate for the universe and the suffering of his existence, the pain of his knowledge, into his kyber crystal which shows in the very power of his lightsaber. Lord Arioch would continue his dark legacy besting every Jedi he could find and ending any fool to get in his way, only finding peace in the heat of battle. Wield this font with the same ferocity and may you see victory as he once did.


Available for Proffie, CFX, GHv3, and XenoPixel soundboards.


*Proffie Blade Style/Config included and was created specifically for this font by Cameron Ingalls of Reaver's Arsenal. Loaded with tons of custom quotes/voice lines created by the talented Ian Watson with  @Gentleman With the Voices Entertainment . Also includes different preons, and even a (dummy) preon to have instant activation and still have preons present.*


$7.00 Regular Price
$2.38Sale Price
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